Guest and Media Visits

Guidelines for Guests, Visitors and Media

The Addis Ababa Fistula Hospital only exists through the generous gifts of our donors and visitors. We are deeply grateful to them for their interest in our women and their support.

The Addis Ababa Fistula Hospital only exists through the generous gifts of our donors and visitors.

We are delighted to receive many visitors and guests through our gates each year. However, at the same time we are a working hospital. In order that we can manage the flow of visitors and provide appropriate guides we ask that visits to any of our sites be by appointment only. Appointments can be made by contacting us here, or by telephoning +251 (0)113 716544.

The Interest of the Patient

Our patients come from rural, remote and often very poor villages with few possessions. They entrust themselves to us fully as we are their last hope. We believe we must hold that trust as a precious treasure given into our hands. They understand that we will do them no harm; that we will in no way exploit them; that we will protect them and that those we introduce to them, our guests, visitors and media will have the same ethical standards that we, their carers, do. The interest of the individual patient must be respected at all times.


We therefore kindly request you to abide by the following points when in any of our facilities:

  • Please comply with any recommendation made to you by your guide in the best interests of the overall work and the women under our care.
  • Please do not smoke.


  • Any individual pictures of women are not usually permitted. They may only be taken after consultation with the senior hospital staff and the patient has given consent for the picture to be taken. Usually wide shots of the ward will be permitted if taken under the supervision of staff members.
  • Pseudonyms will be used for all individual photographs and stories
  • No sorrow, nakedness or squatting to be photographed
  • Only photographs taken in the presence of a staff member are permitted.
  • There should be absolutely no sale, anywhere, of any photograph of patients, staff, personnel or grounds from any Hamlin Fistula Ethiopia project.

Special Additional Requirements for Media Personnel

  • Media personnel are required to apply to the Ethiopian authorities for the necessary permits as well as obtaining accreditation letters from their respective Embassies and their sending agencies. The hospital will only consider media coverage by personnel in possession of these three documents.
  • The hospital retains the right to refuse access to media personnel