Educating Qualified Midwives

There is only one midwife for every 4,000 people in Ethiopia. That isn’t enough to prevent maternal and child death and severe injuries like fistula. Every woman deserves to give birth attended by a qualified midwife.

The Hamlin College of Midwives trains maternal health care workers in Ethiopia. Young women are recruited from rural villages of Ethiopia and awarded scholarships. After four years and hundreds of hours of clinical practice – including leading the delivery of at least 60 infants – they return home to provide services in their villages, in their own languages and in accordance with local cultures. When a Hamlin midwife arrives in a regional health clinic, new cases of fistula drop to almost zero.

There is only one midwife for every 4,000 people in Ethiopia.

Surgical Training

Since the opening of the Addis Ababa Fistula Hospital, we have been committed to training doctors to treat childbirth injuries around the world. We offer competency training to obstetricians/gynecologists, urologists, surgeons, physical therapists, and nurses who work in areas where obstetric fistula is a threat to women’s health. The training can include basic experience to care for routine fistula cases, and skills to treat more complex injuries.

Public Education

In the regional government hospitals, we offer prevention and education programs for local health workers, birth attendants, and the public about how to avoid the risks of unattended birth. In addition, Hamlin has developed videos and other public service programming to educate women about obstructed labor and its consequences.

Skills For Fistula Survivors

Hamlin Fistula provides holistic care that repairs the bodies and spirits of women recovering from childbirth injuries, including continued education. We offer numeracy, literacy, handicrafting, and other skills that allow women to re-enter society with purpose and self-esteem that their injury may have drained from them.

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