Stories of Lives Changed

Meet Asnaku…

Asnaku Tebibu came to the Hamlin Fistula hospital in Addis Ababa after suffering with obstetric fistula from labor with her second child.  She was brought to the hospital by her brother after suffering for 8 months of being incontinent.  Her husband is home in their village, Merabita, as he cares for their two children and awaits for Asnaku to return healed.

Asnaku was unable to go to school, as her brothers attended school, she took care of the family’s sheep and cows in the field. At the fistula hospital she is able to learn the alphabet and to read; along with working on handicrafts that she enjoys.  When asked why she waited until now to come to the hospital to be cured from her fistula she said she had to “wait [for] my daughter to be strong.”

Meet Etagu…

Etagu Gebre was married at the age of 17 and soon became pregnant but her labor was not easy. She spent three long days trying to deliver her baby at home. Finally her mother took her to the Metu hospital, in the southwestern Oromia region, where she gave birth to a stillborn baby and developed a fistula.  Etagu was ashamed of her condition of being incontinent, so she came to our hospital alone two years ago, having only enough money for the transportation fare to Addis Ababa. She had the fistula repaired successfully and recently returned to our hospital, but this time to give birth through a C-section.
Our hospital offers former fistula patients a place to stay when they become pregnant again. We also provide a C-sections or arrange one at hospital close by. The patients are told, “When you feel the baby walking inside your stomach, you start walking towards a hospital.”