Hamlin College of Midwives: A Midwife for Every Woman

Midwives at Graduation

We adhere to a wholehearted commitment to train, equip, deploy and support highly skilled, trustworthy and accountable Midwives, who are willing to serve women and families of rural Ethiopia

In addition to treating women with this tragic injury of obstetric fistula at the Hamlin Fistula Hospitals, we are working diligently to prevent maternal mortality and childbirth injuries by training capable midwives to serve their communities and improve options for save deliveries for women in rural Ethiopia.  With only 1,000 qualified midwives in Ethiopia for a population of over 80 million, investing in training midwives is critical to reducing Ethiopia’s devastating maternal mortality rate.

The Hamlin College of Midwives, located ten miles from Addis Ababa, commenced its program in 2007 and is fully accredited by the Ministry of Health. The Hamlin college is well equipped with a curriculum developed from local and international sources including, WHO, JHPEIGO, University of Manchester and other sources. It aims to develop clinical competence so that Hamlin Midwives will build confidence of communities through bringing positive outcomes for rural women.

Addisu Educating Elders

Young women selected from rural communities are offered scholarship to train at the Hamlin College and then return to their home communities to offer services to their own cultural and language group. They are selected from rural areas surrounding our Hamlin regional fistula hospitals of Bahir Dar (Amharra area), Mekelle (Tigrey area) and Yirgalem (Southern Nations area), Tigrey in the north, Oromia (a town near our new hospital in Harar) and the Sidamo region in the south. Girls with a genuine interest in maternal health and who have successfully completed grade 12 were selected from rural schools in these regions.

The college has international as well as Ethiopian Academics working to ensure that best practices are employed in the teaching and clinical programs. These midwives are supported in the government system by Hamlin college supervision, ambulance and communication support, a supply chain for medications and necessary materials and a career path for the future. We aim to see maternal health improve and Fistula eradicated in the locations these midwives are deployed.

The cost to give a scholarship for one midwifery student is $4,200 per year (including training, housing, and expenses).

Our first group of midwives are working in teams in five clinics in three regions of Ethiopia. Our aim in the next years is to develop 25 clinics in five regions of the country, connected to the Fistula units that are already serving rural communities.

Addisue Listening to Heartbeat

We are seeking partners committed to improved maternal health to sponsor midwifery students, to complete this important training. We anticipate that Hamlin Midwives will be leaders in maternal health provision and training, making a significant contribution to the women of Ethiopia.

Please contact us to discuss ways you can assist us with this goal.