Funding Statement

Addisu Midwife at Outpost

The Addis Ababa Fistula Hospital and the Hamlin College of Midwives are activities of Hamlin Fistula Ethiopia, a registered Charitable Trust in Ethiopia. As such it is not able to charge any fees for its activities but must provide the services outlines in its Deed of Trust, for free to its beneficiaries. As a result the organization relies entirely on donations from partner organizations, donors and many private individuals of good will.

Use of Funds:

All funds donated to the organization are used in accordance with the Deed of Trust that outlines the purpose of the Hamlin Fistula Welfare and Research Trust, namely:

Funds will be held in trust to be applied in accordance with the provisions of the law in Ethiopia for the purposes following:

  1. The support, extension and development of and research in plastic surgical and other treatment of obstetric fistulas of the female birth passages, the convalescence and rehabilitation of the patients after treatment and the prevention of such injuries.
  2. For activities aimed at the prevention of this problem particularly the training of Midwives, awareness raising and improving access to maternal health services.
  3. The provision of transport to and from the hospital, food clothing shelter and other assistance for such patients whether for actual fistula surgery or after such surgery for their pregnancies, labors and their puerperiums.
  4. The provision of appropriate medical nursing and other assistance for such treatment and rehabilitation and the payment of salaries and expenses for transport, upkeep and shelter of nurses, midwives, social workers, pharmacists, dressers and other associated staff as well as doctors engaged in such assistance as the Trustees shall decide.
  5. The provision of appropriate medical equipment and other equipment for the treatment of such patients.
  6. The provision of medical students and post graduate doctors with the appropriate opportunities for receiving clinical experience in the care of fistula patients.
  7. To carry out research in the treatment of obstetric fistulas of the female birth passages, and all the problems in any way related or connected thereto.
  8. Such other general charitable purposes in Ethiopia as the trustees shall from time to time decide.
  9. If the continuance of such charitable work in Ethiopia becomes in the opinion of the Trustees impracticable or unnecessary, such general charitable purposes in any part of the world as the trustees shall from time to time decide.

Priorities in Funding:

The mission and key objectives can be found in other locations of this web site, but following from these principles the organization aims to provide funding for the treatment and care of fistula patients. In current times more emphasis is being placed in training and research (objectives mentioned in the original deed of trust from 1971) and prevention activities, particularly the Hamlin School of Midwifery, aiming to give all women access to adequate maternal health. A midwife for every woman!

Sources of Funding:

The organization is supported by eight dedicated funding partners around the world in the UK, Sweden, the Netherlands, Germany, Australia, USA, New Zealand and Japan. Donors also include World Vision, Ethiopiaid, Usaid, Ausaid, Women’s Hope International, Johnson and Johnson, Direct Relief, Siroptimists International, Rotary and many private individuals and friends.

Funding Needs:

Organizations wishing to inquire about possible funding options can make contact with the CEO at . Each year a capital planning budget is revised for the subsequent years. This can be obtained on request. The organization will where possible make available projects or funding options that meet the priorities of funding partners. It must however be recognized that the main areas that must be funded will always be treatment of patients and the administration to make that possible. In recent years there has been significant growth and expansion. This has required considerable funding for buildings and equipment. Our future will depend upon ongoing funding to meet the running cost of the expanded activities.

Hamlin Fistula International©:

Is a body that has been set up to receive investment funds and to manage hard currency since currency received in Ethiopia is immediately converted to the local currency and cannot be transferred out for the purchase if equipment or for investment. The fund aims to invest significant resources so that in the coming years returns on the invested funds can contribute significantly to the future running costs of the organization. Our international partners are contributing to this fund as has the Australian Government. Information on investing in this fund can be obtained from the CEO or our Australian partners at: