My mom matters. Shouldn’t everyone’s?

Child and MotherAren’t you glad your mother had a healthy birth? All mothers should be able to deliver babies safely, but for women in remote parts of Ethiopia, childbirth is often a dangerous experience that leads to debilitating injury instead of motherhood’s joys.

That’s because too many Ethiopian women give birth without qualified birth attendants, proper resources or care. Hamlin Fistula USA is launching #MyMomMatters to support the work of the Hamlin College of Midwives, a resource in Ethiopia that helps solve this problem.

What is #MyMomMatters?

#MyMomMatters is a campaign of Hamlin Fistula USA (HFUSA), which is dedicated to the treatment, care, and prevention of childbirth injuries in Ethiopia. We believe that all women, regardless of their economic circumstances, deserve the opportunity for recovery and renewal that treatment brings. But above all, we are working toward a future in which treatment is no longer necessary. Most childbirth injuries can be prevented, and we want them to be as uncommon in Ethiopia as in the United States.

To be involved in the campaign:

Donate today because all moms matter. Make a gift to help women in Ethiopia give birth safely.  

Host an alternative Mother’s Day Brunch using our #Brunch4Hamlin toolkit complete with planning ideas, materials, and Dr. Catherine’s famous lemon cake recipe so you can share a small part of the hospital’s charm with your guests.

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