A Celebration of Dr. Catherine Hamlin

Please join us on September 27 from 11am – 2pm at the Ritz-Carlton in Washington, D.C. to celebrate Dr. Catherine Hamlin’s 90th birthday and her nomination for the Nobel Peace Prize!

The event will include special messages from Dr. Hamlin, Dr. Lewis Wall and Hamlin CEO Mr. Martin Andrews, as well as a few surprise guests.

Sign up soon as there is limited seating!

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Celebration Invitation

To All of our Global Mothers

We love and cherish each global mother, and will work tirelessly on their behalf.

Join us in reverence for all of our global mothers: may they all have access to great maternal health care that each and every one of them so very much deserve.

Market Worker, Bahir Dar, Ethiopia

Dr. Hamlin: Nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize!

We are thrilled to be able to pass on the official news from Hamlin Fistula Ethiopia that our beloved Dr. Catherine Hamlin has been nominated for the 2014 Nobel Peace Prize. As you can imagine, we are jumping for joy over this incredible honor.

A message from the Hamlin Fistula Hospital CEO, Martin Andrews:

Dr. Hamlin is humbled by the news that Dr. Tedros Adhanom, the Ethiopian Minister for Foreign Affairs, has chosen to nominate her for the Nobel Peace Prize in 2014. It is a great honor and a privilege to be held in such a high esteem by the Minister who has been a great supporter of Dr. Hamlin and her work in Ethiopia for many years.

May we all send the most positive energy that this honor is granted in her direction for the many years of tireless work she has done in the name of mothers everywhere.

We dearly love you, Dr. Hamlin!


Dr. Hamlin Garners Distinguished Surgeon of the Year Award


Dr. Catherine Hamlin was awarded the 2014 Distinguished Surgeon of the Year at the 40th annual conference of the Society of Gynecological Surgeons.

Dr. Catherine thanked the prestigious society for this great honor by video presentation recorded earlier in February at her home on the campus of the Addis Ababa Fistula Hospital, which also celebrates its 40th anniversary later this year.

Dr. Senait Fisseha, Board Director of Hamlin Fistula USA, accepted the award on behalf of Dr. Hamlin.


Society of Gynechological Surgeons

(Photo courtesy of the Society of Gynecological Surgeons)

A Very Special Birthday Gift

Oprah and Catherine Hamlin

(Photo Credit: Harpo Inc./George Burns)

Dr. Hamlin was delighted to receive a special Birthday greeting and a generous donation from Oprah Winfrey for her 90th Birthday which she celebrated on the 24th January, a few days before Oprah celebrated her own 60th Birthday!

The two ladies met for the first time when Dr. Hamlin appeared on the Oprah show in 2004, Ms Winfrey subsequently visited the hospital in Addis Ababa to see the work that Dr. Hamlin was doing first hand and invited Dr. Hamlin to appear on her show again in 2005.

Ms Winfrey has been a generous supporter of Dr. Hamlin and the Hospital in Ethiopia over the years. In addition to making personal donations, she has raised critical awareness of the plight of Obstetric Fistula patients in Ethiopia which has helped to generate millions of dollars. These funds have been used to cure thousands of patients, freeing them from a life of misery and isolation and restoring their dignity.

Dr. Hamlin and the staff at Hamlin Fistula Ethiopia are very grateful for this continued support and interest from Ms. Winfrey and her supporters which will help us fulfill our vision of eradicating obstetric fistula and eliminating preventable maternal death in Ethiopia.

Dr. Hamlin's 90th Birthday

The New York Times

Nicholas Kristof calls Catherine Hamlin “a 21st-century Mother Teresa,” as he describes the problem of obstetric fistula worldwide, and the work of Hamlin Fistula Hospital is doing to eradicate the problem in Ethiopia.


Happy Birthday, From Nick!

Hamlin Birthday

Dr. Hamlin received a beautiful gift for her 90th birthday: the gift of words.

Nicholas Kristof, notable New York Times columnist and author of the book Half The Sky, wrote a wonderful tribute to Catherine’s devotion to eradicating fistula.

Read the entire article here.

Kristof Portrait

(Photo courtesy of The New York Times)