Darina Byrne, a Pillar of Hamlin

Our efforts would not be possible without the support of our amazing donors. We want to shine a light on one of these dedicated donors, Darina Byrne, a Pillar of Hamlin with tremendous passion for our work. Originally from Ireland, Darina is a chemist who moved to California with her employer Johnson & Johnson. Darina has been at the company for 22 years working in quality systems and operations.

A close friend introduced Darina to the work of Hamlin Fistula in 2013. She was shocked that women still suffer from these types of preventable childbirth injuries in Ethiopia, when they are nearly non-existent in the US. Darina has two college-age sons, and she remembered having top-quality care during their births, and being able to make critical choices about her time in labor. The fact that some women do not have these choices troubled her greatly.

She is also touched by the depth of care Hamlin provides:

“Hamlin Fistula’s work resonated with me because it’s not just about physically repairing the women. Hamlin provides holistic care to improve their quality of life, bringing back their dignity and enabling them to return to their community.”

Darina is part of the Hamlin Fistula Pillar community, giving $1,000 (including company match) or more each year. Her generous support is augmented by Johnson & Johnson, which matches employee donations 2:1 through its corporate giving program. Darina encourages other donors to grow their impact through matching gifts.

Darina continually shares Hamlin Fistula’s mission and work. It’s as easy as sitting down to dinner with friends and explaining how fistula happens and its devastating impact on women. “People know childbirth injuries are preventable and curable – your small donation can make a huge difference in the lives of women and girls. You can choose between spending your money on a pair of shoes or that impact.”

Thank you to Darina and to our Pillar community. Together with all of our extraordinary donors, we work towards a future where all women’s bodies are healed and their lives restored. Donate now to help make childbirth injuries a thing of the past.