Hamlin Fistula USA is excited to announce Steve Sockolov as a new board member!

HFUSA recently added a new member to our board of directors.

HFUSA Board member, Steve Sockolov

HFUSA Board member, Steve Sockolov

Steve Sockolov is a retired director of marketing and engineering from Analog Devices, Inc.  During his time as director, his team grew the business to become the world leader in a major market.  He is most proud of developing young engineers and providing opportunities for women engineers.  The percentage of women electrical engineers in the United States is about 12 percent; the groups he managed consistently had two times that many.

Throughout his career, Steve contributed a significant amount of time and resources to causes including environmental protection and conservation, global health, and anti-drunk driving campaigns. He has been a loyal supporter of and volunteer for Hamlin Fistula USA for several years. Now that he is retired, he is excited to contribute more of his time and expertise to HFUSA.

Steve is excited to join the board: “It’s great to work in an organization with such dedicated volunteers. We all believe that eradicating fistula in Ethiopia within a decade is a real possibility. In addition to helping women regain their health and the ability to again become self-sustaining members of their communities, HFUSA also trains women as midwives. The ability to see such direct results for the donations and efforts is incredibly rewarding.”

We’d also like to send out a special thank you to long-time board member Abaynesh Asrat, who has decided to step down to pursue other volunteer opportunities.  Thank you Abaynesh for your dedicated service!