Hamlin College Of Midwives Graduate Fourth Class

The Hamlin College of Midwives is proud to announce the graduation of its fourth class of highly trained midwives this past Saturday. This year’s class consists of 24 women who will now be deployed at government health centers in rural villages across Ethiopia.

With only 1,000 qualified midwives in Ethiopia for a population of nearly 80 million, investing in training is crucial for reducing high rates of maternal mortality and morbidity.

The College plays a major role in Hamlin Fistula Ethiopia’s strategy to prevent childbirth injuries, and supports the Ethiopia Government’s goal of eradicating fistula. According to Dr. Catherine Hamlin, founder of the College and the network of Hamlin Fistula hospitals in Ethiopia, “This is the Hospital’s most important long-term initiative so far towards preventing the scourge of obstetric fistula.”

The class of 2014 will join 34 previous graduates working in 17 health centers across Ethiopia. These midwives have assisted more than 5,700 mothers with safe deliveries. The College plans to continue graduating midwives every year to fulfill its vision “a midwife for every woman.”

Grad 2014 oath

(Photo by Harriet Andrews)